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Niagara Wine Tour

John and I spent the weekend in Niagara New York meeting some nice folks at four different wineries. The first winery we found was called the Honeymoon Trail Winery. What a beautiful place and the wine was great! My favorite (I really like sweet wines) is called Just Peachy. It is a crisp peach wine. As I’m sure you know it’s hard to make a good peach wine. If it doesn’t have the proper blend of fruit and fermentation it tends to turn to vinegar. Not this wine the peach taste draws right through the wine. Wonderful!!!

Honeymoon also sells a “Chillin” series of four wines. Chillin Concord, Chillin Cherry, Chillin Catawba and Chillin Niagara. Once again, because I like sweet wines these all made me fairly happy. The Chillin Catawba was especially yummy and is a Gold Medal Winner.

Of course if you’re more of a dry wine kind of person, Honeymoon as something for you too.

I completely recommend this winery! It’s only a few miles outside of Niagara Falls near Lockport,  NY

Check it out the next time you’re in the area. Here’s the link and be sure to tell them the Winechasers sent you.


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