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Groundhog Wine Trail

We spent our 10/10/10 exploring Clearfield and Elk Counties and wondered into an old favorite and a brand new favorite winery.

First the old favorite –Starr Hill Winery
located just outside of Curwensville, PA they are home to one of my all-time favorite red wines – Bailey Road Red. I first discovered it during the Ground Hog Trail Wine Festival held the weekend before the Super Bowl at the Clearfield Fair Grounds. I bought it initially because my dog’s name at the time was Bailey : ), but the full rich bodied red really catches my taste buds and makes them happy. In case no-one has figured this out yet, I like sweet wine, not that there’s anything wrong with liking dry wine, I just don’t. So if you’re in the mood for a full- bodied red, try Bailey Road Red. Much to my delight they also have a Bailey Road White. Completely different that the red, but still delicious!!!

Check out the picture from the front door of their shop. Beautiful!!!!

Here’s a video John took!, not me, so its a little shaky…

We then drove on in search of an elk so one of my kids, Tiffer could see one. She had never seen an elk in the wild and was pretty sure they were fake so we went to Benezette. They just opened their new visitors center this weekend so they place as packed, BUT we were successful!!! We saw two elk, big beautiful creatures.

As we left Benezette we took the shortcut up to St. Mary’s. As we rounded the bend on Route 255 just before the Elk County Capitol we found the Elk Mountain Winery!

These guys are brand new, only been in the business a month and already have a following. Their building is beautiful with a back room to sit and drink your favorite wine. And speaking of my favorite wine, I said I found an old favorite and a new favorite. My new Fav is Jazzy Red from Elk Mountain. Sweet and robust. Really a nice texture and the name is FUN!!! The owner, Jen opened her winery so she could spend time with her kids! Way to go Jen!!!

I highly recommend both of these wineries as well as all the other Ground Hog Trail Wineries and don’t forget the Wine Trail Festival on February 5, 2011!!!


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  1. You forgot to mention the most memorable wine from Starr–Recession Red! Who could not love a wine with such a name, not to mention its sweetness and pure drinkability!

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