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Milheim Wine Shop

What a delightful surprise we had yesterday (Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010). We were on our way to Sunbury to catch a Tournament of Bands show. We were traveling up Route 45 and on our way through Milheim we noticed a lonely little sign on the way through town that simply said “Wine Shop.” We had no intentions of finding a wine shop yesterday because we were going to visit some relatives and then attend the show, but geez there it was beckoning us to stop. So we went to the corner, turned around and parked.

It’s set in this old house. Inside we found nothing all that fancy but they were selling NUMEROUS bottles of vino from two local wineries. Brookmere and Shade Mountain Wineries. Brookmere is located in Belleville in Mifflin County and Shade Mountain is  in Middleburg, just west of Selinsgrove, in Snyder County.

This place is a tasting room for these two extraordinary wineries. Brookmere has some really nice selections from their sangria to their newly labeled “Bear-ies gone wild” that has a picture of a big ole black bear on it. John’s favorite from Brookmere is Frog Hollow which is a blush niagara. YUM! And for the dryer pallete at Brookmere they have a good seller called Tears of the Goose.

Now this was the first time I have ever tasted anything from Shade Mountain. Oddly, on the way to Milheim, my cousin Rose said, “Have you ever had wine from Shade Mountain?” Of course we hadn’t, then this wine shop appeared – weird huh? So naturally we tried the Shade Mountain wine. Guys, they have a mint wine – yeah really I said Mint! They included it with a recipe for Mojito’s. That just screams FUN on a warm summer night or a cold winter’s day by the fire!

Shade Mountain also has two Red wines called Jack’s Mountain Red and Rascal Red – both sweet (yep that made me happy) and both full of taste. Shade Mountain offers a dryer selection called Proprietors Red which was also the 2010 Farm Show Bronze Medal Winner.We all know I’m not a super dry wine fan, but honestly this wine was good. Smooth and robust and would pair very well with red meat or cheese.

Check out both of these wineries on their own, or if you’re looking for a nice drive, head north on Route 45, stop at Penn’s Cave, and then make a point to drop by the Wine Shop in Milheim.


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