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Gettysburg Wine

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful in Central PA. The kids were all home so we decided to go for a ride. The back roads led us to Cashtown, PA just outside of Gettysburg. Much to our delight there are two wonderful wineries within just a couple of miles of each other. the Adams County Winery and the Houser Estate Winery.

Both establishments have fine wines and very different styles and approaches to the experience. Lets start with Adams County Winery. These folks really embrace the proximity to Gettysburg and the Civil War. They have labels that signify their Civil War heritage like “Tears of Gettysburg”, “Rebel Red” and “Yankee Blue.”

This winery experience brings you into their tasting barn that has a very well stocked tasting room and a couple of really nice dogs. one of their wines is named after their baby puppy Golden Retriever, Rusty. “Rusty’s Red” is a yummy, sweet red wine that is the wineries newest red wine.

Adams County offers wine making classes, wine tours and does a concert series throughout the summer. You’ll feel right at home in this country setting. Stop in and pet one of the dogs, and if you’re like me and travel with your furry friends, they’re welcome too – just not in the tasting room : ).

After we were finished at the Adams County Winery, we made our way up the hill to the Houser Estate Winery. There is one word that describes the view from their patio…AMAZING!!! These folks are fairly new to the winery biz. Polly opened it a few years ago so she could be with her kids. Way to go Polly!!!! This place has a very mature palette and in addition to some very upscale wines they sell hard cider!!!  I ask, how cool is that??? LOVED IT!!! Even though one of the brands is named after grandma Helen, this really isn’t your grandma’s cider. Jack’s Hard Cider, named after Father Jack comes in a few different flavors, including Helen’s Blend and Rome (named after the apple its made from.) Now here’s the cool part. The apples are grown right there outside the winery. Adams County, PA is known for its apples and now it will be known for its cider! Yes, we bought a lot of cider and plan to use it for our Thanksgiving feast.

We loved this place, the owner is VERY friendly and I highly recommend checking out their wine also. We tasted the 2008 Reserve Chambourcin, the 2008 Reserve Cabernet Franc and the 2008 Meritage. Wow, these are all very fine wines made for the most mature palette. I have to say my favorite was the Meritage that reminded me of maraschino cherries. I couldn’t help but think how good it would be with chocolate – YUM!!!!

The next time you’re in Gettysburg checking out the battlefield make sure you save some time to check out these wonderful wineries. You will NOT be disappointed.

As I mentioned earlier we visited these wonderful wineries during the third weekend of November, just before Thanksgiving. Now it should have been cold, it usually is this time of the year but this year it was not. Like I said earlier, all of my kids were home, something that doesn’t happen all that often anymore. We came home from visiting these wineries that night and built a fire on the patio and drank wine under the November sky. What a wonderful weekend. Hope you can have one just like it really soon. Cheers!