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Seven Mountains Wine Cellars Win at PA Farm Show

I am so impressed!!! Seven Mountains Wine Cellars, located on Route 322 between State College and Lewistown has been awarded not one but two Governors Cups for best wine of 2011 for their Vidal Ice Wine and for their Cranberry Fruit Wine. This is unprecedented because no other winery has ever been awarded BOTH Governors Cups. Seven Mountains Wine Cellars have been in business only since 2009. You may remember me cheering about some of their wine, I LOVE their “Tickled Pink” it tastes just like Cotton Candy! We are very happy for these folks who took a chance and made a success!!! Way to go Seven Mountains!!!!

Winners of two Governors Cups at PA Farm Show


Shade Mountain Winery

I visited a winery vicariously through Tiff yesterday. She and Kristy stopped at the Shade Mountain Winery which is in Middleburg, PA on Route 104. She came home with a bunch of wine, nearly too much to drink but the New Year’s Eve guests gave it a shot! She brought home Blueberry, Peach and Strawberry. Now as you can tell from that wine list, Tiff is a fruit wine lover! Nothing wrong with that! Honestly I like just about all fruit wines!! The group at the unofficial tasting party seemed to like the Strawberry the best. So, the next time you’re headed north toward Route 80, take a side trip to the Shade Mountain Vineyards. You won’t be sorry!!