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Glades Pike Winery

Wow it’s been a long winter. As hard as we’ve tried we haven’t been able to find an available minute to do our favorite past-time…chasing wine! This past Saturday, we changed that trend and hopped in the car and went to Somerset County to visit the Glades Pike Winery right on Route 31 just a few miles outside of Somerset Borough.

This is my second time at this beautiful setting, only a few minutes from Seven Springs Ski Resort, but it was John’s first time (Yep, he was a Glades Pike Virgin!)

I love the wine at this place. One of my favorites was the Black and Blue – guess what this wine is made from? Two of my favorite berries – Black and Blue…get it? Well that wasn’t my only favorite, in fact I had so many favorites it was hard to go out of there with only six bottles, but I did it 🙂 

I also bought a few bottles of Glades PIke Red. Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows I’m a red fan! This signature red is full and robust, not too sweet but definitely not dry. It’s my perfect blend!

Oh and I almost forgot the Raspberry! OH YUM! Not much else to say!

Glades Pike also has a really unique wine that you don’t find many places. They sell Honey Mead! Yes it’s made entirely of honey and is a VERY old recipe. Check it out, it’s an extraordinarily different taste. Try it, you’ll like it!

I know I sometimes forget about the dry wine lovers in the group – I’m so sorry. For you, Glades Pike has an amazing wine called Norton that is made from a Norton Grape that has a finish that reminds a drinker of plums and cherries – super interesting.

How about a Cabernet Franc or an interesting wine called a Seyval Blanc that tastes a bit like a pineapple,  melon and grapefruit mixture. Seriously interesting and seriously good!

There is something for every taste at Glades Pike Winery so the next time you make it down to Somerset County, you really need to stop by the Glades Pike Winery you won’t be sorry. 


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