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Well we finally did it! We finally made it over the Middleburg, PA to visit Shade Mountain Vineyards and Winery. You may recall I posted a short blog on New Year’s Day about Shade Mountain. One of my kids, Tiff who is serving in Iraq right now, visited Shade Mountain on New Year’s Eve during the day. She brought home some wonderful bottles of wine. Recently, John and I  got to go for a visit of our own. We happened to drop by while the Susquehanna Wine Trail March Madness was going on. The winery was offering food and had a live band. Wow it was fun! Not only does Shade Mountain have some fantastic wine but they also have this really neat gift shop. They have t-shirts and paintings, photography, goblets, numerous painted wine glasses, etc. I could go on but suffice it to say that this gift shop was about as complete as they come. If there is something that has to do with wine – they have it!

Now lets move on to the wine. Shade Mountain has 40 different varieties of wine from dry to fruity. Now here is the cool part, all of the wine is made from grapes grown on the 70 acres of the Shade Mountain Vineyard. the Zimmerman family own and operate the vineyard and winery and they really enjoy their jobs. Both mom and dad Zimmerman (Carolyn and Karl)  work the business and all four of their kids are there to lend a hand daily. This really is a family affair.

I forgot we were talking about wines. Shade Mountain sells a Piniot Grigio that does not taste like a dry wine, it pulls a little sweet ( I liked it) and they have a red wine that is called Proprietors Red that I kind of like to refer to as training wheels for dry wine. As I’ve mentioned about a million times, I like sweet wine. But even though the Proprietors Red is a dry wine, it was GREAT! Shade Mountain also sells a wine that I have never seen in any of my numerous winery visits. They sell a mint Wine – yes I said Mint. It comes with a recipe for Mojito’s. Now tell me how good does that sound!! I L O V E mojito’s!!!! Oh and you’ve gotta love this name – Bad Moose Mead! As we all know, Mead is a honey wine, it’s smooth and yummy and   has a picture of a moose on it!!! Funny Stuff!

On to the fruit wines – I fancy myself a bit of a fruit wine fan. Like the grape wines at Shade Mountain, all of the fruit wines are made from fruit grown by local farmers. I really liked their blackberry and blueberry. The strawberry was YUMMY, and they have an elderberry wine that I have only ever had homemade by the neighbors. Honestly, you really need to try the elderberry wine. wow what a beautiful color, a great nose and oh yeah it tastes good too!!

Something else we did at Shade Mountain was our first attempt at the video blog idea. It will be up VERY soon, just a few more finishing touches and it’ll be ready.

You really need to visit this winery. It’s located in Middleburg, PA on Route 104. They are open seven days a week and their web site is: – check this place out you really won’t be sorry. Cheers!!!


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  1. One of my favorite places in the world . . . but you forgot to mention their peach wine – which is like biting into a cold juicy peach on a hot day in August . . . Which reminds me – I am out – so I will be going up to visit tomorrow!

    • I didn’t have a chance to get any Peach the last time I was there – you are correct, Shade Mountain Peach is by far one of the best!!! Thanks for the comment!! Please check out our newest video on You Tube at you can get a taste of Wine on the Lake in Erie! Thanks so much Arlene for reading the blog!!!

  2. They also have a fantastic NEW red wine called 005. It has 5 varieties of grapes – Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Merlot and Petit Verdot. VERY smooth. Enjoy!

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