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Wine on the Lake

As the name of this post implies, we attended and had wine on the lake! In reality, Wine on the Lake is a big wine festival held in the Lake Erie Convention Center and produced by Lilly Broadcasting. Shout out to some really nice TV folks!  Hey Erie TV!!!!  Anyway – Wine on the Lake is an annual event held near the end of March. This year the event had 22 wineries from as far away as State College (Mount Nittany Winery) and as close as,  well… Erie! Some of my favorites were in attendance such as Heritage Wine Cellars, Flickerwood (they make Sweet Angel Red), Starr Hill (Bailey Road Red) and the new kids on the block from our area Elk Mountain and yep I was able to secure some Jazzy Red. We think that wine is named after our dog – lol

As I mentioned, this event is always held near the end of March – gang it’s still cold in Erie at the end of March and in some places the lake was still frozen! BURRRRRR. Never the less, we were able to visit some of our old haunts before hitting the festival and even though it was cold we had fun!

There were thousands of people at this event  that was held in two sessions. Beth and Fred and John and I had a wonderful time! Bought lots of wine and shot a ton of video that we put into a short three-minute show that you can click on right here –

We are thinking about taking a bus tour back next year – if you’d like to hop on that bus shoot us an e-mail at and we’ll get you hooked up!

If you’ve never done anything like this before I promise you’ll have a really good time! if you decide to drive, and not take the bus make sure you take a designated driver because there is a BUNCH of wine at this event and it’s easy to get yourself in some trouble – PLUS the DD gets in at a cheaper rate – how cool is that!!

So save the date – March 31, 2012 for next year’s edition of Wine on the Lake!




Comments on: "Wine on the Lake" (2)

  1. SO close , you could have stopped at the winery and found your “new” favorite winery. Nothing completes the trip to Erie like Lakeview Wine Cellars. Next time?
    Spring concerts start May 20 Sunset & Jazz and continue every Friday until the end of June. Starts at 6 and ends at 9 with the sunset over the vineyards!

    • wow!!! You bet – you will be the first on the list!!! Thanks for subscribing and I promise to let you know the next time we are in the area!!

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