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Sorry it’s been so long – but check out The Elk Mountain Winery

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since last I wrote, there has been so much going on from my dog dying to my kids getting married there has been such a myriad of stuff that unfortunately the blog was put aside for a while, but I’m happy to say that things are beginning to fall back into their orderly places and The Winechasers Blog is back on track.

Now, just because I haven’t written about it doesn’t mean we haven’t found some fun wines. The place I would like to send you to first, is St. Mary’s. I know, it’s winter, but trust me it will be worth the trip up the mountain.

A couple of miles outside of town is where you’ll find the Elk Mountain Winery. John, Tiff and I wondered in there one day while looking for elk (which we didn’t find) but we did find some awesome wine. We found out it was one of their first weeks open at the time. That was a few years ago and we’ve been back a number of times since and believe me it has just gotten better and better. The bottle I currently have open is called “Connie and Klyde” named after a couple of the larger elk that live near the winery. This red is full, sweet and has the most amazing finish. I almost drank the whole bottle by myself…

The folks at Elk Mountain obviously have a great sense of humor because the names of some of their wines just make you laugh out loud such as Group Therapy, ‘Lil Dick, and Pink Beaver to name a few. On weekends, they have a lady serving that has a story for each and every bottle she pours. One leads to the other and the more you drink the funnier they are.

But the names aren’t the reason you should try this wine- you should try this wine because it’s good! Here is the web site Check them out – Like I said, It’s well worth the trip.